God healed me on the missionfield!

As a missionary with Alive2Love, this past trip was my 7th trip.  I never go with an expectation to receive something from God for myself. Rather, I am always asking God to work through me, for His glory, to move mountains, and open the hearts of the people in Honduras, and to receive whatever it

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Live from Brazil: Missionfield Update!


So much as already taken place down in Brazil with the Alive2Love Missions team! This multi-national team of Americans, Brazilians, and Finnish have bonded together to pour love and ignite revival in a hungry community! The team has ministered alongside Doug every night since they arrived, challenging hearts and lives to go higher, to yield

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Alive2Love Resident Missionaries!

Lisa & Lexi

Our First Resident Missionaries! Alive2Love has their very first two resident missionaries planted in Honduras!!! Alive2Love Ambassadors Lisa Bosnak (pictured left) from Orlando, FL and Lexi Moralez (pictured right) from Hubert, NC just recently relocated to San Pedro Sula, Honduras to live and minister there for one year! They are both teaching at Eagles Christian Academy, the

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What is Miriam’s Basket?

What is the Miriam’s Basket Project? The Miriam’s Basket Project is all about rescuing tomorrow’s deliverers. Founded by the late Janet Rowland, this project began in 2003 when she saw the incredible poverty in the slums of Central and South America. Moses was rescued from destruction by being hidden in a basket by his sister Miriam and,

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Signs and wonders on the Copan Missionfield!

“This trip with Alive2Love was different from the start-from coming early to Honduras to help with team arrivals and meeting the radical group of Brazilians (our fellow missionaries) , to having our first ever School of Missions. By day two of the trip I was already amazed by what was going to happen! Every moment of this

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